WELEDA Nausyn Drops 30ml

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Weleda Nausyn Drops help relieve nausea and vomiting, e.g. travel sickness, seasickness, morning sickness.


Each 1g (approx. 15 drops) contains: Cardiodoron 250mg (contains: Digestion, equiv. fresh plant juice: Hyoscyamus niger, herb 1mg; Onopordon acanthium, flower 25mg; Primula veris, flower 25mg) Homoeopathic potencies of: Absinthium 4x; Cocculus 4x; Ipecacuanha, decoct. 5x; Nux vomica 6x Petroleum 6x In water/ethanol base.


Children under 7 years: Take 5 drops Children 7 to 14 years: Take 10 drops Adults: Take 15 drops Take every two hours. As symptoms improve reduce dosage to 3 times daily. Or as directed by your healthcare professional.


If symptoms persist, consult your healthcare professional. Store below 30°C.