UNIVENT Nasal Spray 15ml REX

Ezy Pharmacy


Univent Nasal Spray (Ipratropium) is effective in treating a runny nose occurring as a result of allergies such as hay fever. However, it must be noted that this nasal spray is not suitable to treat other symptoms such as sneezing, a stuffy nose, postnasal drip or coughing.

Univent Nasal Spray (Ipratropium) should be sprayed directly into the nostril. Patients should blow their nose before administering the spray. The patient should then sit down, and tilt their head back, and insert the nozzle into the nostril. The nostril that is not receiving any spray may be closed by using the patient's finger. The patient should then press down on the applicator to deliver the spray. Adult patients should deliver 2 to 3 sprays to each nostril once per day, or as directed by their physician. It is important not to blow your nose for at least 15 minutes after delivering the spray to the nose. You should never exceed the dosage prescribed to you by your physician.