STREPFEN Intensive Throat Spray 15ml



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For relief of pain, swelling and inflammation associated with severe sore throat

  • Works for up to 6 hours
  • Analgesic + Anti-inflammatory action
  • Fights Pain and Inflammation


Flurbiprofen 8.75mg per dose of 3 sprays


One dose (3 sprays) to the back of the throat every 3-6 hours as required. Do not take more than 5 doses (15 sprays) in a 24 hour period


Do not exceed the recommended dose. ! Excessive use can be harmful and increase the risk of heart attack, stroke or liver damage. Do not use: • for more than 3 days. • if you have stomach ulcer, impaired kidney function or heart failure. • if you are allergic to flurbiprofen or other anti- inflammatory medicines. • at all during the last 3 months of pregnancy. • in children or adolescents under 18 years. Unless a doctor has told you to, do not use: • if you have asthma • if you are trying to become pregnant or during the first 6 months of pregnancy. • for more than a few days at a time. Unless advised by a doctor or pharmacist, do not use: • with other product containing Flurbiprofen, aspirin or other anti-inflammatory medicines or with medicine that you are taking regularly. ! Stop taking and see your doctor immediately if you get an allergic reaction. ! Do not inhale while spraying and do not eat or drink immediately after use. ! If symptoms persist contact your pharmacist or doctor Contains hydroxybenzoates