SOS Oral Rehydration Mango 10pk

Ezy Pharmacy



Our scientifically balanced formula is the most effective oral rehydration therapy available and meets the standards set by UNICEF and the World Health Organisation. It’s as effective as an IV Drip to help combat mild to moderate dehydration caused by everyday activities such as sport, travel, work and play


Osmolarity is the balance between sodium and water in the body, the lower it is, the better it is for rehydrating you.

With organic ingredients and only 10 calories per sachet you can rest assured that you’re hydrating your body with the healthiest formula, that tastes great and does good for your body.


A 2% loss in body weight due to dehydration can reduce athletic performance by 20% due to loss of energy and focus. Proper hydration can prevent this.
SOS helps you to perform at your peak.


Sports drinks are ineffective at combatting dehydration as they do NOT contain the correct quantity and balance of electrolytes and glucose.
SOS contains a doctor formulated measure of both, for optimal hydration.


One of the key reasons for feeling exhausted after travel is dehydration. Taking SOS throughout your journey will help you to feel great, enabling you to focus on your next business meeting or simply enjoy the first day of your vacation.