OXYGEN Teen Starter 3pc set

Ezy Pharmacy


This starter pack is the perfect way to get your skincare started and sorted.

These 100% natural skincare products come together to provide any teen with a safe, simple & effective face care routine. Pop one in the shower and two by the basin and as they say... 'it is as easy as A. B. C.'


Natural teen foaming cleanser - a great all round cleanser with delicious spearmint aroma.
Natural women & teen skin toner for all skin types - instantly cools skin and neutralizes excess oil to reduce shine and appearance of pores.
Natural teen vitalising moisturiser for normal skin - a light non-greasy cr¡§¡§me moisturizer with a subtle aroma of coconut to revitalise the skin, leaving your face feeling fresh and healthy.

  • Spearmint Essential Oil ¡§C antibacterial and smells delicious.
  • Organic Aloe extract ¡§C vitamins, minerals, soothe, repair.
  • Kiwifruit Enzyme ¡§C vitamin C,E,K, omega-3 fatty acids, oil control.
  • Canadian Willowherb ¡§C soothe, fight redness, fast relief.
  • NZ Manuka Honey (active 15+) ¡§C helps prevent acne, heals, hydrates.
  • Organic Apricot Kernal Oil ¡§C vitamin A, C, E, softens, hydrating.
  • Coconut Balm ¡§C anti oxidant, build and repair, healing.
  • NZ Organic Hop Extract is our ??nature miracle worker?? ¡§C soothe, tone, fight redness, anti-bacterial.