OASIS Solar Serum w/Lyc. 15ml

Ezy Pharmacy


When it comes to skin ageing, our  biggest enemy is ultra violet radiation (sunlight). Studies prove it to be responsible for up to 90% of the visible signs of ageing. And here in New Zealand and Australia, we have the worst UV rays in the world. This is why we created Solar Serum®. 

Solar Serum® contains Lycocelle® our own unique proprietary blend of lycopene from tomatoes, rosehip and cucumber. With clinically significant levels of lycopene, this blend helps to reduce sun damage, redness and pigmentation. It can also protect collagen and enhance natural immunity to UV radiation.

  • Contains Lycocelle® (lycopene + rosehip + cucumber)
  • 100% natural formulation
  • Helps to reduce sun damage
  • Helps to reduce redness
  • Assists in reducing pigmentation
  • Protects collagen
  • Enhances natural immunity to UV radiation
  • Powerful antioxidant action

Add into the mix nourishing meadowfoam oil with its exceptional anti-oxidant levels; grapeseed oil with Vitamins C, D and E to support skin health and raspberry seed oil, a rich source of essential fatty acids that promote healing and enhance skin cell regeneration. 

The result is a serious skincare superhero that is sure to leave your skin looking radiant and healthy.