Nutra-Life Magnesium Stress Ease 60Cap

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Nutra-Life Magnesium Stress Ease is a stress support formula that contains a unique combination of Magnesium, B Vitamins and to support a healthy stress response. Ashwagandha, OciBest™ Holy Basil and Rehmannia are 3 specific ‘adaptogenic’ herbs that help your body cope better during times of stress.
It contains Magnesium chelate, an organic form of Magnesium which is well absorbed in the body. 

Beneficial for:
  • Supporting the body during times of stress and healthy energy levels
  • Supporting a healthy nervous system function and muscle relaxation
  • Helping the body to cope with environmental stress

Magnesium supports nervous system function and muscle relaxation which is needed during times of stress. The body requires more Magnesium when people are under stress. Additionally, people who consume high levels of caffeine, alcohol, sugar and soft drinks may need extra magnesium.
OciBest™ Holy Basil – Is a proprietary Holy Basil extract.  Holy Basil has been traditionally used to help during times of stress and fatigue.
Ashwagandha – One of the most well-known herbs in the western world, this herb has been used in traditional Ayurvedic (Indian) practice for centuries.
Rehmannia – Supports the body during times of stress and nervous system burnout.
Vitamin B5– Supports adrenal gland (stress gland) function.