N/C Sens. Skin Eye Patch Reg 14

Ezy Pharmacy



Nexcare Sensitive Skin products offer a range of first aid and wound care products, particularly suited to the ageing community, infants, people with weakened skin integrity caused by chronic conditions such as diabetes and cancer, and of course those with sensitive and fragile skin.

The Nexcare Sensitive Skin range offers a new, silicone-based adhesive technology that delivers reliable fixation, holds securely, and yet is gentle to the skin upon removal.

Key Features:

  • Clinically designed for sensitive and fragile skin

  • Gentle removal that minimises skin cell & hair stripping

  • Secure, reliable fixation that stays constant over time

  • Water resistant, breathable

  • Repositionable for optimal placement

  • Hypoallergenic & Latex free

Designed to deliver secure adhesion, yet release gently from the extra-sensitive skin around the eye. Central non-adherent pad prevents eye secretions from sticking. Use for protecting the eye following surgery or for shielding the eye in occlusive therapy.