Lifestream Keto Greens W/Coconut MCT 100g

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Lifestream Keto Greens with coconut MCT is a blend of certified organic barley and wheat grass grown in the South Island sunshine on the Canterbury Plains of New Zealand with the added goodness of MCT.

Keto Greens contains the alkalizing greens of Barley and Wheat grass harvested at their peak potency and grown with the goodness of pure, clean soil, unpolluted air and high U.V. light, helping to ensure potent active compounds remain within the barley and wheat grass. Further blended with a touch of Monk Fruit and an all-natural light vanilla flavour, Lifestream Keto Greens is a truly delicious taste experience to support healthy everyday energy levels and metabolism.

Lifestream Keto Greens is ideal for those struggling with low energy and needing needing higher nutrient requirements, as well those requiring detox or alkalising support. In particular this provides great support for those following a Keto lifestyle and those seeking performance recovery support. 



  • Supports healthy energy levels and metabolism with MCT
  • Provides clean green energy with MCT's
  • Certified organic New Zealand greens
  • Low carb and keto friendly
  • Perfect for those on the keto diet but not getting enough greens