Keep it Anchored Basics Kit Women

Keep It Anchored


MOST CONCENTRATED dose of HairAnchor antioxidants, zinc minerals and B-vitamins to reduce daily hair loss

Clinically-proven to prevent daily hair loss by calming scalp stress

With daily use, hair loss is reduced and hair feels fuller

  • After 4 weeks, people noticed significant improvement in hair loss
  • After 8 weeks, people noticed less hair in their brush and hair feeling fuller
  • Hydrates scalp, reducing dryness and itch
  • Gentle enough for color-treated hair
  • 1-month supply contains 3-units

In a 6-month clinical trial, men and women who used the HairAnchor Blend products daily had measurably less hair loss and more hair on their heads.

Unlike hair loss treatment options that work to re-grow hair, such as minoxidil, laser treatments and more, Keep It Anchored simply helps you keep the hair you have for longer.