HYALO Skin 25g

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Hyalo4® Skin is a cream is designed for local use.

It contains hyaluronic acid sodium salt and is ideal for chronic wounds and also a variety of other skin ailments including: abrasions, grazes, slight burns, skin irritations and superficial wounds. The hyaluronic acid is used to not only stimulate the healing process, but also make it quicker and more improved.

Hyalo4® Skin is a medical device for local use in cream and gel, containing hyaluronic acid
sodium salt to treat acute and chronic wounds. Hyaluronic acid conditions the physiological cellular processes that are essential in repairing the tissue. The local use of the product creates the ideal conditions for the migration and reproduction of the cells that form the new tissue, stimulating the phagocytary activity of the macrophage.

Local treatment of abrasions, grazes, superficial wounds, slight burns, local skin irritations, irritation
and dehydration caused by radiotherapy. Aids in treating vascular skin ulcers, and slow healing
wounds like bedsores.

• Hyaluronic acid stimulates the healing processes which are faster and improved.

Mechanism of action
Hyaluronic acid aids the migration of the fibroblasts and endothelial cells. Hyaluronic acid alters the
inflammatory phase by acting as a scavenger of the free radicals and activating a negative feedback,
mediated by interaction with specific receptors. In the remodelling phase, it reduces fibrosis and regulates
the collagen secretion.

• Hyaluronic acid sodium salt 0.2 %