Good Health Natural Digestion 60caps

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Good Health Natural Digestion is a comprehensive formula combining 7 different enzymes to aid the digestion of protein, lactose, fats, grains and legumes. Supplementary digestive enzymes can be of assistance for those with digestive concerns. Natural Digestion is suitable for vegetarians


Recommended for

  • To support the body’s production of important digestive enzymes.
  • To help breakdown and assist with the digestion of carbohydrates, fats and proteins
  • Digestive concerns that include feelings of bloating and wind


Amylase 6500 DU (162.5mg) Bromelain 1 000 000 PU (33.3mg) Protease 15000 HUT (20.1mg) Lipase 300 LipU (15mg) Tilactase 1000 ALU (10mg) Papain 500 000 PU (10mg) Cellulase 225 CU (5.63mg) In a base of rice bran.


Adults: Take 1 to 2 capsules with meals or as professionally advised.


Caution in those with stomach or gastric ulcers