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Fleurstat BVgel is a clear gel intended to be applied into the vagina for the treatment of bacterial vaginosis (or BV) and relief of symptoms, including abnormal vaginal odour and discharge, helping to normalise vaginal pH and restore the normal vaginal flora balance.

BV is an imbalance in the naturally occurring vaginal bacteria and is associated with symptoms including a strong 'fishy' vaginal odour, which can be worse after sex, and an abnormal greyish-white, thin vaginal discharge, which can cause discomfort.

The exact cause of the bacterial imbalance, characterised by overgrowth of naturally occurring but objectionable bacteria, and loss of beneficial bacteria, is unknown.

Fleurstat BVgel contains astodrimer sodium (VivaGel®, active ingredient) at a concentration of 10 mg/g (1% w/w) in a gel consisting of purified water, carbomer homopolymer type A, sodium hydroxide, glycerol, propylene glycol, methyl hydroxybenzoate and propyl hydroxybenzoate (preservatives) and disodiurn edetate. Fleurstat BVgel has a pH that is similar to normal vaginal pH.