Expert Remedies Advanced Glucose Discovery 90caps

Expert Remedies


Advanced Glucose Discovery™ is designed specifically to support heart health and healthy blood sugar levels. It is perfect for men and woman of all ages and is easily absorbed by the body. This unique formulation contains the patented extracts, Pomella®, and Crominex®3+, as well as a Gymnema extract.

Pomella® is a pomegranate extract that delivers readily absorbed, measurable, and efficacious punicalagins and metabolites and is known to support a wide range of health benefits.  It offers great antioxidant support as well as supporting healthy cholesterol, blood sugar, and homocysteine levels.

Crominex®3+ contains chromium III, Indian gooseberry and shilajit extract which together supports glucose metabolism, healthy endothelial function and cholesterol levels. It also supports glutathione and nitric oxide levels as well as a healthy inflammatory response.

Gymnema is known for its ability to support healthy blood sugar levels.