CLINICIANS Menopause Balance 30 Tablets

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  • Supports healthy menopausal transition
  • Assists with emotional balance and mental clarity during menopause
  • Helps normal temperature balance during menopause
  • Allows for relaxing sleep during menopause

    Menopause Balance is a 1-a-day research-based formula to support women for a smoother transition through menopause. It contains key herbs which target key areas of the body and mind that require support before, during and after the “Change of Life”.

    The combination of red clover and chaste tree provide support to balance out declining hormone levels during menopause. Red clover supplies a plant like oestrogen (phytoestrogen) and chaste tree works with the master hormone gland (pituitary). Together they support normal temperature balance, a smooth menopause transition, vaginal health and healthy sleep patterns.

    During menopause the adrenal glands are called upon to supply a replacement hormone similar to oestrogen. The herbs bacopa and rhodiola support the adrenal gland in producing this hormone and provide support for healthy libido levels, mood, energy, mental focus and clarity.