CLINICIANS Coenzyme Q10 200mg 60 Capsules

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Coenzyme Q10 is essential for energy production and the body stores it in muscles with high energy demands such as the heart, adrenal glands, kidneys, lungs, liver and spleen. It supports heart muscle contractions and its antioxidant actions help protect the cells from damage. Clinicians Coenzyme Q10 200mg is a high level, naturally fermented form of Coenzyme Q10. Blended with plant oil to increase bioavailability and comes in small, easy-to-swallow gel caps.
What do I use it for?
  • Coenyzme Q10 levels may be depleted when taking some medications
  • Coenzyme Q10 is required by the body for normal day-to- day energy production
  • Essential support for cardiovascular and periodontal health