CLINICIANS Clearwayz 20 Capsules

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Clearwayz™ provides nutrients to support the nervous system, which supports normal blood flow in the sinuses and healthy mucous production. The active ingredients include Grape seed, an antioxidant that supports membrane tone, Choline which supports the balanced mucous secretion, and L Arginine for supporting blood vessel relaxation and healthy blood flow to provide sinus and airway support within 60 minutes. Clearwayz uses patented Targeted Cellular Technology a specific group of herbs and nutrients which optimise the absorption and utilisation of the actives for best effects.
What do I use it for?
  • Day and night natural solution for clear sinuses and healthy breathing
  • Short and long term use for sinus and breathing support
  • Support for ills & chills or allergen support
  • Sinus support for those on medications (except blood thinners) or those restricted with sinus solutions due to issues with hypertension
  • A fast-acting (within 60 minutes) non-drowsy solution
  • Suitable for children 7 years and over


Active Ingredients:

Active ingredients per gelatin capsule:

Vitis vinifera (grape seed) ext. (standardised to NLT 85% polyphenols) 227mg

Cinnamomum verum  (cinnamon bark) ext. 23mg

Theobroma cacao (cocoa fruit) ext. (standardized to NLT 6% theobromine) 23mg

Ginkgo biloba (ginkgo leaf) powder 18.5mg

L-Arginine HCl 71.5mg

Choline Bitartrate 53.5mg

Hydrolised Whey Protein Isolate 42mg

L-Glutamine 18.5mg

L-Leucine 18.5mg

L-Cysteine (as L-Cysteine HCl) 12.5mg



  • Avoid with known allergy or hypersensitivity to any of the ingredients

  • Avoid taking with blood thinners