CLEARBLUE Rapid Detect Preg. Test 1pk



If you think you might be pregnant, you need to know right away. With Clearblue Rapid Detection Pregnancy Test, a 'Pregnant' (+) result may appear in one minute when testing from the day of your missed period. You should wait three minutes to confirm a 'Not Pregnant' (-) result. Clearblue Rapid Detection Pregnancy Test is also designed to be the easiest to use with an ergonomic curved handle, wide colour-changing tip for easy sampling and clear + or - results.

Key benefits

• A pregnant result may appear in one minute from the day you miss your period

• Over 99% accurate from the day of your expected period

• Wide tip and ergonomic curved handle for easy sampling

• Colour changing tip turns pink to let you know you've hit the target

• Clear + or - results