BEPANTHEN Cream 100g

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Bepanthen® Antiseptic Cream helps treat cuts and minor wounds.
Supporting the healing of damaged skin, Bepanthen® Antiseptic Cream is an all-purpose antiseptic cream for the effective treatment of cuts, abrasions, scalds, insect bites, stings and sunburn.
Bepanthen® Antiseptic Cream can be used for the gentle and effective care of skin irritations and mothers cracked or damaged nipples* during lactation.
Bepanthen® Antiseptic Cream helps the skin to repair and is suitable to be used on baby's skin.


Contains: Benzalkonium Chloride 500mcg/g


Clean the affected area and surrounding skin. Baby care - Gently rub a thin layer after each nappy change Nipple care - Gently rub a thin layer after each feed. Wash nipples to remove cream prior to feeding. For the purpose of hygiene a separate tube should be used for nipple care. General use - Gently rub a thin layer onto affected area and repeat as required