BACH Rescue Remedy Pet Drops 10ml



Rescue Remedy - For PETS - Natural Stress Relief
Rescue Remedy Pet is an alcohol free variation of the original stress relieving formula Rescue Remedy.  It can be used to create a calming effect in any stressful situation, or when your pet needs help overcoming a variety of emotional or behavioural problems.
Rescue Remedy Pet is totally natural and contains five of the 38 Bach ® Flower Essences:
Rock Rose for - terror and panic,
Impatiens for - irritation and impatience,
Clematis for -inattentiveness, lack of interest
Star of Bethlehem for - shock or trauma
Cherry Plum for a lack of self-control
The Bach Flower Essences are 100% safe and natural and work in conjunction with herbs, homeopathy and medications.


Active Ingredients: 5 x dilution of:- Prunus cerasifera HPUS (Crab Apple), Clematis vitalba HPUS (Clematis), Impatiens glandulifera HPUS (Impatiens), Helianthemum nummularium HPUS (Rock Rose), Ornithogalum umbellatum HPUS (Star of Bethlehem). Inactive Ingredients: 80% Glycerine, 20% Water


Place 4 Drops on a treat and offer to your animal. Alternatively add 4 drops to drinking water. Repeat as required.


Keep out of reach of children Keep away from eyes If symptoms persist, please consult a veterinarian