AUDICLEAN Ear Wax Remover 12ml

Ezy Pharmacy


Audiclean Ear Wax Remover is a gentle, softening emulsion that clears your ears of excess wax. - Helps clear and disperse excess ear wax indicated by difficulty hearing, pain, ringing noise, feeling of blockage, temporary deafness after swimming or a shower. - Helps maintain hearing - Reduces the need for syringing Audiclean Ear Wax Remover is a gentle ear wax softening emulsion that contains naturally sourced ingredients: - Eucalyptus essential oil - Apricot kernel oil to lubricate and detach dry ear wax - A hydrating aqua base combined with a mild vegetal emulsifier to penetrate and help disperse ear wax - Only natural sourced ingredients - Preservative free - No aggressive solvents or chemicals - Dispensed from a soft tip nozzle - Suitable for adults and children over 30 months


Water, apricot kernel vegetal oil, eucalyptus globulus essential oil, mild vegetal emulsifier