ARTEMIS ViroGone Spray 60ml



Artemis Virogone Oral Spray Concentrate is traditional plant medicine to support and boost your immune system. When you start to feel unwell, take a healthy dose for immediate action. For ultimate protection, take every day as a proactive defence.

It’s perfect for air travel and a staple for every health-conscious handbag.

Take ViroGone Concentrate with you for complete immune support on-the-go.


Thyme herb and flower; Echinacea root; Olive leaf; Licorice root; St Mary's Thistle seed; Sage leaf; Angelica root; Lemon oil; Fir Needle oil Also contains ethanol and non-palm vegetable glycerine. No artificial colours; flavours; sweeteners or preservatives. No added sugar. No honey. Gluten and dairy free.


Shake well before use. Spray into mouth. RECOMMENDED DOSAGE: Adults and children over 12years: 4sprays Children 7-12 years: 2sprays Children 0-6 years: Use Kids ViroGone Build and maintain immunity: 2x daily When unwell: Every 2hours, or as required


Use as directed. If symptoms persist see your health professional. At the recommended dosage, no known herb-drug interactions and suitable for pregnant and breastfeeding women. CAUTION Do not take if allergicto any ingredient. STORAGE Keep cool, out of sunlight.